Hess 263: двухголосный канон "Te solo adoro", Es-Dur

Время создания: 1824 (?)
Посвящено: Carlos Evasio Soliva

Beethoven wrote several canons on this text, including WoO 186 and Hess 264. Hess indicates that there is yet another setting of these words, but the condition of the pencil is completely indecipherable.

Hess 263, 264, WoO 186:

Te solo adoro,
mente infinita,
fonte di vita,
di verita.

(Only you I love,
infinite mind,
source of life
and of truth.)

(http://www.ringnebula.com/Beet/Works/Works_Hess_251-300_detail.htm, http://www.unheardbeethoven.org)