WoO 205: 10 музыкальных шуток (Notenscherze)

10 музыкальных шуток (Notenscherze) из писем Бетховена:
a) Baron Baron Baron1;
b) Allein allein allein2;
c) Adjutant;

d) Wo? Wo?;
e) Erfülling Erfülling;
f) Scheut euch nicht, scheut euch nicht;

g) Tobias! Paternostergässler3;
h) Tobias Tobias;
i) Bester Tobias4;
k) Erster aller Tobiasse5

Время написания:
a) 1798/99;
b) сентябрь 1814;
c) январь 1817;
d) июль 1817;
e) март 1819;
f) между 1818 и 1822;
g) сентябрь 1824;
h) весна 1825 или весна 1826;
i) октябрь 1826;
k) октябрь 1826

a) Nikolaus Zmeskall von Domanovecz und Lestine
b) Moritz Graf von Lichnowsky
c) Tobias Haslinger
d) Maria Anna (Nannette) Streicher
e) Rudolph Erzherzog von Österreich
f) Friedrich Treitschke
g-k) Tobias Haslinger

c) Adjutant (письмо Тобиасу Хасслингеру, Вена, nach dem 9. und vor dem 23. Januar 1817 года):

Beethoven informs the publishing assistant Haslinger of the exact words for the title of op. 101 as well as the dedication. Should the title page already have been printed, he asks him to have a new one made at his (Beethoven's) expense or to keep the new title for his next sonata. In addition he asks him to show the term "Hammer-Klawier" to a language expert to ensure that it really is German. (In the end the word "Hammerklavier" appeared on the title page.)
Earlier on Beethoven had already thought about translating the Italian term "Pianoforte" into German, considering "Hammer-", "Hämmer-Klavier" and "Hämmer-Flügel".6

f) Scheut euch nicht, scheut euch nicht (записка Фридриху Трейчке, Вена, между 1818 и 1822 гг.):

Beethoven informs Treitschke that he is not able to deliver anything to the Leipzig publisher at the moment. The letter is written in a humorous manner and contains a short musical text ("Scheut euch nicht" WoO 205f).
The publishing house mentioned is probably Carl Friedrich Peter's Bureau de Musique. Peters might have wanted to enter into business dealings with Beethoven via Treitschke, who was born in Leipzig.
After Peters had also tried to do so via the Viennese publisher Steiner in 1822, he finally wrote a personal letter to Beethoven in May 1822.7

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