WoO 186: Te Solo Adoro, двухголосный канон

Вреия создания: июнь 1824 г.
Посвящено: Carlo Evasio Soliva

Автор текста: Пьетро Метастазио


Рукопись хранится в Краковском «Narodne Museum» с подписью: «per il signore Soliva, come sovvenire del suo amico Luigi van Beethoven» («для синьора Солива, на память о его друге Луиджи ван Бетховене»).

Beethoven wrote several canons on this text, including Hess 263 and 264. While the Deutsche Grammophon Complete Beethoven Edition has a recording of this canon listed under WoO 186, the recording is in fact of the version Hess 264. The same recording is similarly misidentified on the Berlin Classics Unknown Beethoven vol. 2 set. The actual canon WoO 186 has apparently never been recorded. Hess indicates that there is yet another setting of these words, but the condition of the pencil writing is completely indecipherable. (unheardbeethoven.org)