WoO 172: Ich bitt` dich, schreib mir die Es-Skala auf, трехголосный канон

Время создания: около 1818(?).
Посвящено: Vinzenz Hauschka


Vincenz Hauschka, an accountant at the Vienna Court was an excellent cellist and one of the founding members of the "Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Wiens" (Society of the Friends of Music in Vienna). For many years, Hauschka had been a good friend of Ludwig van Beethoven as letters written by the composer in a very intimate tone show.

For his friend, Beethoven composed the facetious canon for three voices "Ich bitt' dich, schreib' mir die Es-Scala auf" (WoO 172) as well as the beginning of a double fugue following the words "Ich bin bereit! Amen" (WoO 201). Thereby, the composer alluded to his being prepared to compose an oratorio for the Society of the Friends of Music. However, the plan was never carried out as no satisfactory playbook could be found.