Песня для солиста, хора и фортепиано "Hochzeitslied" ("Свадебная") WoO 105 (Hess 125)

Время создания: январь 1819 года.
Посвящено: Maria Anna (Nanny) Giannattasio del Rio
Автор текста: Anton Joseph Stein

Christa Jehser, сопрано
Siegfried Hausmann, бас
Walter Olbertz, фортепиано
Berliner Solisten
дир. Dietrich Knothe

This song for voice, unison chorus and piano was dedicated to Anna Giannastasio del Rio for her wedding and is a setting of words by Anton Joseph Stein. WoO 105 consists of two versions of this song; there is a version in A (Hess 124) for solo voice and a four-part chorus, apparently written second, which appears in the Deutsche Grammophon Complete Beethoven Edition, and also in the Hermann Prey Complete Beethoven Lieder, and the present version. To our knowledge, this version in C has never been recorded. It is not known for certain which version was actually performed at the wedding. The lyrics are as follows:

Auf, Freunde, singt dem Gott der Ehen!
Preist Hymen hoch am Festaltar,
dass wir des Gluekkes Huld erflehen, erflehen fuer ein edles Paar!

Vor allem lasst in forhen Weisen
den wuerdgen Doppelstam uns preisen,
dem dieses edle Paar enspross!

Chor: Vor allem lasst in frohen Weisen
den wuerdgen Doppelstamm uns preisen,
dem dieses edle Paar entspross,
dem dieses edle Paar entspross!