Фортепианный квартет Es-dur, WoO 36 №2

The plan of Beethoven's D major Quartet, with its slow middle movement in F# minor is again unorthodox. It is borrowed from that of Mozart's Violin Sonata in E flat major K.380, and the key-scheme is one that will not readily be found elsewhere in the work of either composer - both composers wrote no more than a single F# minor movement in their mature years: Mozart, the slow movement of the A major Piano Concerto, K.488 - Beethoven, the Adagio of the Sonata Op.106. As for the rondo finale, its waltz theme has a charm all its own. Curiously, the piano part finishes three bars before the end of the movement, leaving the string players to provide their own emphatic conclusion.

1. Allegro moderato
2. Andante con moto
3. Rondo: Allegro

Christoph Eschenbach, фортепиано
Norbert Brainin, скрипка (Амадеус-квартет)
Peter Schidlof, альт (Амадеус-квартет)
Martin Lovett, виолончель (Амадеус-квартет)