Hess 233: около 300 упражнений в простом контрапункте на 6 Cantus Firmi

Время создания: 1793 г.

In 1793, during Beethoven's first year in Vienna, he took counterpoint lessons from Franz Joseph Haydn, then the most notable living composer. About 300 of the exercises Beethoven wrote for Haydn survive, principally in Berlin. 67 of these exercises have been published. 48 were published by Gustav Nottebohm in his 1873 Beethovens Studien; 19 others were published by Seyfried in his 1832 book "Ludwig van Beethovens Studien im Generalbasse, Contrapunkte". As Nottebohm pointed out in Beethoveniana (1872) pages 154-203, Seyfried used these exercises without distinguishing them from those copied from Fux and other noted authorities on counterpoint. Nottebohm did identify which exercises in Seyfried's book were actually by Beethoven.