Hess 200: альтернативная версия песни Opus 108 №4

Заголовок (нем.): Das Islamädchen
Подзаголовок (нем.): O Islamägdlein, die du kühn

The first of these earlier versions has a good deal more movement in the violin and piano voices; clearly it was considered by Thomson to be too difficult for his intended audience for the folksong arrangements. At his request, Beethoven rewrote the string parts in the two versions which are the second version presented here, and the final version. The second version of the string voice is even more simple than that in the final version. Apparently Beethoven settled upon the third version as a happy medium. The one published by Thomson was labelled by Beethoven as "best."

The Maid of Isla

Maid of Isla from yon cliff,
That looks on troubled wave and sky,
Dost thou not see yon little skiff
Contend with ocean gallantly?
Now beating gainst the breeze and surge,
And steep'd her leeward deck in foam,
Why does she war unequal urge?
O Isla's Maid, she seeks her home.

O Isla's Maid, you seabird mark,
Her white wing gleams through mist and spray,
Against the stormcloud lowering dark,
As to the rock she wheels her way.
Where clouds are dark and billows rave,
Why to the shelter should she come
Of cliff exposed to wind and wave?
O Maid of Isla, 'tis her home!

As breeze and tide to yonder skiff,
Thou'rt adverse to the suit I bring,
And cold as is yon wintery cliff,
Where seabirds close their wearied wing.
Yet cold as rock, unkind as wave,
Still, Isla's Maid, to thee I come;
For in thy love, or in thy grave,
Must Allan Vourich find his home.

----Sir Walter Scott