Hess 101: 12 Менуэтов для оркестра (WoO 7), переложение для фортепиано

Заголовок: 12 Menuette (WoO 7)

This piano version of these 12 minuets, like Hess 100, is contemporary with the orchestral version, which was commissioned for the winter 1795 balls held in the small Redoutensaal in Vienna. Only this piano version and a version for 2 violins and bass were published during Beethoven's lifetime (Artaria, 1795). The 12 minuets are mostly in a regular form of 2 parts of 8 measures each, and a trio in 2 parts of 8 measures each. However, #10 includes a more elaborate structure in the trio, with echo effects indicated in the score.