Hess 100: Версия для фортепиано 12 Немецких танцев для оркестра (WoO 8)

Время создания: 1795 г.
Заголовок: 12 Deutsche Tänze (WoO 8)

This piano version of these 12 German dances is contemporary with the orchestral version, which was commissioned for the winter 1795 balls held in the small Redoutensaal in Vienna. In Beethoven's lifetime, only this piano version was published (Artaria, 1795). Beethoven also wrote a version for 2 violins & bass, which is now lost. These dances are mostly in 2 parts of 8 measures each, with a trio in 2 parts of 8 measures each, though the 1st dance lacks a trio. The set also includes a lengthy coda based upon the themes of the 1st & last dances.