Hess 96: Фрагмент незавершенного переложения для фортепиано Симфонии №7 Op. 92

Время создания: 1813-14 г.

Beethoven probably began this transcription about the time that the symphony was premiered. Beethoven only completed the first 46 bars, however; the last portion is fragmentary and the balance of the page is blank. However, a piano version of the complete symphony was published by Steiner in 1816, and was referred to in correspondence with Steiner of Feb. 1, 1815. These transcriptions were not, however, Beethoven's own (though he stated that he had made some corrections in a letter of June 11, 1816); no doubt the composer wearied of the task of transcription very quickly and arranged for someone else to do the transcription for piano. That transcription is also mentioned in an November 22, 1815 letter to Robert Birchall in London arranging for publication of the transcription in England. The transcription was referred to again in a letter of January 16, 1816 to Ferdinand Ries, also in London, instructing him that "The pianoforte arrangement of the Symphony in A must not, however, appear till the month of June; the publisher here cannot do so earlier. Dear good Ries, let Mr. Brichall know this at once." The transcription was still not published in Autumn; a letter of October 1, 1816 to Brichall advises of the dedication of the transcription (the Empress of Russia), and assigning the transcription opus number 98 (now occupied by the song cycle An die Ferne Geliebte).