Dona Nobis Pacem, 3-голосная фуга, Anh 57

This lengthy vocal fugue on the liturgical "Dona nobis pacem" (give us peace) apparently dates from about 1795, when Beethoven was studying counterpoint with Albrechtsberger. Because this fugue had been published only by the somewhat unreliable Ignaz Xaver Seyfried Hess was initially of the opinion that this work was doubtfully Beethoven's. Hess thus listed it only in his "Anhang" or Appendix of doubtful and spurious pieces as A57. However, subsequent to Hess issuing his catalog, the autograph of the fugue in Beethoven's own hand was discovered. This fugue is thus believed to be a genuine Beethoven composition, despite the catalog number which might lead some to conclude it is not genuine.