Hess 25: первоначальная версия финала Струнного Трио Opus 3.

Время создания: 1793-94 или 1795 (?)

Original version of the op 3 String Trio Finale. The differences between this and the published version are small: Bars 236 & 237 are written as quarter notes, whereas these bars of WoO are eighth notes and eighth rests. Bars 309 & 310 have a different cello part than WoO32. Here, in bars 362-369 the 1st note of the main motif is missing. The structure of this piece is that of a Viennese Rondo, that's to say: A - B - A - C - A - B - A (Coda). The C-section, in C minor (the parallel minor of the main key, E flat) is a passionate fugato, already pointing to Beethoven's middle period. A remarkable moment is the return from to C-section back to the refrain: three big chords announce the conclusion in C minor, yet the C itself is soft and in unison, and while the violin has a pedal point on C, the viola and cello murmur the main motif in f minor. Without a break and therefore totally unexpected the motif is taken over by the violin in its original form and key: the almost tragic mood changes back to the humoristic, teasing mood of the refrain, putting everything that went before in an ironic light.