Hess 254: фрагмент канона "Hol dich der Teufel", G-Dur

Время создания: 1801 г.

This two and a half bar short sketch ("May the devil get you") is published in the Revisionsbericht of the Hess Supp.V. In the manuscript it follows immediately after "Lob auf den Dicken", WoO 100. It therefore dates from about 1801, and it's therefore also likely that Schuppanzigh was the recipient of the Master's curse. The sketch consists of a two bar proposta, followed by the beginning of the riposta with a chromatic counterpoint. The riposto is on the dominant, so theoretically Beethoven may have intended to write a fugue. However, to work out the sketch as a canon has the obvious advantage that it requires less far reaching decisions and less additional material on the part of the editor. Since the riposta has to modulate back to the tonic for the entry of the next voice, it had to be changed somewhat compared to the proposta. The chromatic counterpoint gives the canon the appropriate demonic feel.

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