Hess 299: черновик канона "Bester Magistrat", A-Dur

Время создания: 1820 год.

Published as single line in the Revisionsbericht of Hess Suppl.Vol. V.

'My dear Magistrate' no doubt refers to the same Viennese magistrate for whom also the canon 'Bester Magistrat, ihr friert', WoO 157, had been written, and who had chosen the side of the mother in the court case about nephew Carl. Probably written at the same time, 1820.

Hess calls this a "Musical Joke", so apparently the solution as canon had eluded him. That the present solution (2nd voice in the octave, at an interval of two bars) is correct, is indicated by one additional note in the 6th bar in the manuscript: a G sharp on the fourth count coincides with the G sharp of the second voice of this solution.

This is in fact a much more intelligent canon than WoO 157, because in bar 5 the melody modulates to the dominant. Combining different renderings of a melody which modulates is much harder than when a melody remains in the same key.

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