Even before the year 1817 one can find in Beethoven's sketchbooks certain notes pertaining to the Ninth Symphony. They prove the long period of time over which the work originated. In 1822 and 1823 the various studies led to the chief work of the composer, the D minor Symphony, No. 9, with the final chorus on the Schiller "Ode to Joy."
MANUSCRIPT OF THE NINTH SYMPHONY, OPUS 125 Title page with the dedication to Frederick William III, King of Prussia In the autograph of the Ninth Symphony the title page is missing. Beethoven wrote the dedication reproduced here at the head of the score manuscript, which is by the hand of Peter Gläser, the copyist. The dedication addresses itself to the King of Prussia. ( Former State Library, Berlin)
A PAGE FROM THE AUTOGRAPH OF THE NINTH SYMPHONY Beginning of the Adagio molto e cantabile. ( Former State Library, Berlin)
Two pages from the "Ode to Joy" with the famous passage: "Be embraced millions -- -- this kiss to the whole world."