PRINCE FERDINAND KINSKY (1781-1812) Lithograph by Joseph Kriehuber He was one of Beethoven's most sympathetic patrons and in 1809 together with Archduke Rudolf and the Prince Lobkowitz offered Beethoven a fixed annual grant which persuaded him to turn down the offer made by Kassel and to remain in Vienna. ( National Library, Vienna)
PRINCESS CAROLINE MARIE KINSKY NÉE VON KERPEN (1782-1841) Lithograph by Kriehuber after Ender The composer dedicated to his patron's wife the Six Songs, opus 75, the Three Songs, opus 83, as well as his opus 94 "An die Hoffnung." ( National Library, Vienna)
THE KINSKY PALACE IN VIENNA Drawing by Salomon Kleiner The brilliant Prince Kinsky who had participated in the battles against Napoleon did not die in battle, but at the age of thirty-one was fatally injured as a result of being thrown from a horse. His premature death posed a grave problem for the composer for it made the annual pension of 1800 florins Kinsky had assured him questionable. ( National Library, Vienna)
MANUSCRIPT OF THE SONG "NEUE LIEBE, NEUES LEBEN," OPUS 75, No. 2 This is the second of the Six Songs dedicated to Princess Kinsky. It dates from 1809 and is composed on lyrics of Goethe. ( Bodmer, Zürich)
THREE GOETHE SONGS, OPUS 83 Title page with dedication to Princess Kinsky The three songs are "Wonne der Wehmuth," "Sehnsucht," and "Mit einem gemalten Bande." They were composed in 1810 and published by Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig, in 1811. On the title page here reproduced Beethoven's dedication in his own handwriting: "To my excellent friend Frau Toni Brentano, née von Birkenstock." ( Beethovenhaus, Bonn)