MARIA CASENTINI Made from an engraving Maria Casentini between the years 1796 and 1801, and then again between 1805 and 1805, was one of the stars among the dancers of the Imperial Theater. The first performance of "The Creatures of Prometheus" was at her expense and she herself was cast in the role of the Statue which comes to life. ( Society of Friends of Music , Vienna)
SALVATORE VIGANO (1769-1821) Engraving by G. Scotto Vigano, ballet master of the Viennese Theater, was responsible for the choreography of "The Creatures of Prometheus." He participated personally in the performance of this work. (National Library, Vienna)
ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE BALLET'S FIRST PERFORMANCE CHOREOGRAPHY BY S. VIGANO, MUSIC BY BEETHOVEN The master composed his first dramatic work on an allegorical subject by Salvatore Vigano. The performance originally announced for March 21, 1801, took place only on March 28th of that year, at the Court Theater of Vienna. ( Society of Friends of Music, Vienna)
THE OLD BURGTHEATER, ALSO KNOWN AS "NATIONAL THEATER OF VIENNA" Colored engraving In this charming place the first performance of Beethoven's first stage work, "The Creatures of Prometheus," took place. (Historical Museum of the City of Vienna)
"THE CREATURES OF PROMETHEUS," OPUS 43, ORIGINALLY OPUS 24 Title page of the piano score with dedication to the Princess Lichnowsky The work was composed in 1800 and 1801 and was first published as a piano transcription by Artaria, Vienna, and in 1802 by Cappi. The orchestral parts were published in 1804 but the whole score not until 1864. The critics considered the music as too scholarly. The composer himself wrote, on April 22, 1801, that the performance under the master of the ballet had not been entirely successful. It is certain that Vigano revised the ballet later for a performance in Milan, replacing certain parts composed by Beethoven with passages of other composers. (Society of Friends of Music, Vienna)