5. Ludwig van Beethoven's childhood

THE HOUSE AT No. 934 RHEINGASSE, BONN Oil painting, not signed In 1774 the Beethovens left the house at Bonngasse, and in 1776 they moved into the house pictured here. The owner was Fischer, a baker, who with his family inhabited part of the building. The Beethovens lived here until 1787. ( Beethovenhaus, Bonn)

THE FISCHER MANUSCRIPT Gottfried Fischer, son of the baker, chronicled the daily events which concerned the two families. Above all, he reported on the life and experiences of young Ludwig van Beethoven. Thus these notes are of great value for the study of Beethoven's childhood and adolescence. ( Beethovenhaus, Bonn)


BEETHOVEN'S BIRTHPLACE IN BONN AS IT IS TODAY Behind the right window in the roof, on the second floor of the modest building, the great master was born. This and the neighboring building, which both face Bonngasse, today house the collections of the Beethovenhaus and the Beethoven Archive.