11. Is it true that Beethoven, who moved to Vienna in November 1792 and died in March 1827, lived in more than 70 appartments over the years?

Yes and no. It's a fact that Beethoven, always discontent and restless, very often moved, sometimes within a few weeks or months. But without more information one should get the wrong impression. In his days most well-to-doViennese used to leave the dirty, stinking city during the warm summer months and moved to a pleasant residence abroad, mostly somewhere in the beautiful Wienerwald. They often left in April or May and returned by the end of October. Sometimes they hired a new appartment on returning to the city, sometimes they returned to their old winter residences. Beethoven followed their tracks in this respect. Being so restless he mostly moved into a new appartment in October and more than once he was not satisfied with the summer appartment(s) he had chosen and then decided to move from one residence to another.

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