WoO 204: Музыкальная шутка "Holz, Holz, Geigt die Quartette So", двухголосный канон

Время создания: сентябрь 1825 г.
Посвящено: Karl Holz

Civil servant and violinist Karl Holz became second violinist in Ignaz Schuppanzigh's string quartet. Around that time, Ludwig van Beethoven noticed the gifted violinist and in the following summer a friendly relationship between both men developed.

For about a year, Holz, who deeply admired and revered Beethoven, was Beethoven's most important assistant and unpaid secretary (like his predecessor Anton Schindler). Beethoven on his part also liked Holz a lot and in 1826 composed the two joking canons WoO 197 and WoO 198 for his friend. In Beethoven's last months, both men met less frequently as Holz had married at the end of 1826. However, their mutual affection continued. Beethoven's death unsettled Karl Holz and he regretted his friend's demise. His memories of Beethoven are regarded a reliable source in music research.(S.B.)