WoO 193: Канон-загадка Ars Longa Vita Brevis

Beethoven wrote at least 43 canons, many of which were of a humorous nature, and mostly on his own texts. This one, Ars longa, vita brevis ("Art is durable, life is short"), is one of three settings he produced of this motto, the others being those denoted WoO 170 and WoO 192 in catalogues of Beethoven's unpublished works. This is a so-called puzzle canon. Beethoven usually wrote his canons for two voices in strict imitation, but in the puzzle canon genre, he notated only one voice in the score, leaving the entrance of the second (or additional ones) to be deduced by the performer.

Эта версия канона, как и WoO 192 предположительно относится к 1825 году: