WoO 165: Gluck Zum Neuen Jahr!, четырехголосный канон

Время создания: январь 1815 г. Посвящено: Johann Freiherr von Pasqualati
(beethoven-haus-bonn.de) New Year's Greetings for 1815 "Happy New Year" - Beethoven set New Year's greetings for friends to music and sent these to them. In 1815 he sent new year's greetings to his friend Johann Baron. v. Pasqualati in the form of a four-part canon. Beethoven had dedicated his "Elegischen Gesang" op. 118 to him in the summer of 1814 and between 1804 and 1815 lodged with some interruptions at his house on the Mölkerbastei. The canon has only survived in the form of a copy by Anton Diabelli, the autograph score has not been found. The New Year's greetings were printed in 1816. (J.R.) (beethoven-haus-bonn.de)