WoO 161: Ewig Dein ("Навсегда твой"), трехголосный канон

Время создания неизвестно.
(beethoven-haus-bonn.de) Eternally whose? "Ewig dein" ("Eternally yours") - another autograph score of a canon which Beethoven wrote as a greeting, or in thanks or perhaps as a token of friendship for someone. As was often the case, he wrote the canon on the side, without putting a name, dedication or even a date on it (which would of course have been good for us!). Gustav Nottebohm, a nineteenth-century Beethoven scholar, supposed that Beethoven had written this little piece for the Baron von Pasqualati, in whose house on the Mölkerbastei he had lived for a long time. However, this is more than unlikely on account of the text. This autograph score was once in the possession of Antonie Adamberger (her married name was von Arneths). She was Beethoven's first "Clärchen" in Goethe's play Egmont, for which the composer had written the incidental music. Although it was supposedly a family tradition that Beethoven had not written the canon for Antonie, he still might have dedicated it to her. (beethoven-haus-bonn.de)