Второе Трио из Scherzo Струнного Трио Op. 9 №1, Hess 28

Время создания: 1797-98 г.

This was apparently rejected from the autograph score. The original is at the Beethovenhaus in Bonn1.

Here you can see a single surviving leaf with the complete draft of a second Trio for the Scherzo of op. 9 no. 1, belonging to Clara Schumann. The transition to the Scherzo notated above and the final pause sign are clearly visible. Underneath you can see the title "Trio IIdo" (second trio) as well as Beethoven's comment "The second Trio must be written and inserted." There are different opinions as to the meaning of this Trio. Some people believe that this later version should be inserted into the already printed music, on account of Beethoven's note. This would have provided a means of expanding the Scherzo, for instance for special occasions. The composition was reprinted several times during Beethoven's lifetime. The addition was, however, never heeded. It is therefore unlikely that Beethoven saw the addition as being the last and definitive version of this movement. In this case he would have insisted on its being printed in later versions. Douglas Johnson thinks it likely that Beethoven discarded this version and removed it from the autograph score, as it was too similar to the Trio in op. 9 no. 3. As an explanation for the comment above the beginning of the movement Johnson suggests that Beethoven might have given the additional Trio to the person to whom it was dedicated or to one of his friends as a present.